Lazy Sunday at Target Field

Spending a few hours with my Dad at Target Field today for Twins v. Tigers. The Twins are finally playing a decent game, currently leading 7-4 in the 7th inning. Still early for our favorite squad though.

We have Legends Club tickets today, but we never actually made it to our seats. We got here in the middle of the 1st inning and decided watch the first few innings inside at an open drink rail instead of fight through to the middle of the row where our seats were. That was sorta cool – good view of the game through the cleanest windows I’ve ever seen and you can hear the radio play-by-play. (Speaking of radio, consider this my endorsement for Bob Kurtz getting the full time gig next year.) It was pretty dead over on the first base side and pretty quiet inside. Dad and I had some nice conversation while we watched the game.


We decided to walk around a bit, and wound up moseying to some open seats in the Home Run Porch View. Back with me people out here. Out here, you’re in the sun, you get listen to drunk guys converse, and you get the full ballpark experience. (Apparently, out here you also get to see Luke Hughes hit two homeruns…make it 11-4 Twins.)


It’s an interesting vibe in here today. Sort of a “lazy Sunday” I think. No one is going to get out of control giddy about this big lead with the Twins out of it, so The crowd is content in enjoying a beautiful day at the ballpark. (Luke Hughes is killing it today…great diving play at 2B.) Twins fans will likely get through through the last month of the season in this way.

It’s different not being in a playoff run in the month of September, but we can handle it. All our other pro teams have taught us how.

And at least we won’t lose to the Yankees in the first round again.

Twins Baseball at Target Field is REAL

Well not really real-real yet. They were just exhibition games this weekend. But now that I’ve attended a Twins game I can finally say Target Field is reality. My dad and I went to Saturday’s game v. St. Louis and it was awesome. It was upper 50s-lower 60s and breezy, but we were in the LF Home Run Porch View seats and in the sun for the whole game and it was plenty warm. So happy to have big-time outdoor baseball just minutes from my house.

Can’t really say much else, so click below to check out the pics:

Click for more pics.

Target Field Smells Like Goodness

It must be burned into my clothes. Right now it is 11:50PM, about 9 hours after my dad and I left the UMTC baseball game at Target Field, and I swear I smell sausage. Grilled sausage. Hot dogs. Italians. Polishes (Polski?). A smell that never permeated Metrodome but maybe for a small section of the tunnel-like concourse. But this smell seemed to waft from one end of the park to the other. Like an intoxicating perfume.

I had to keep reminding myself we were in Minny.

Today was my first experience in Target Field. Not a season ticket holder, so I missed out on the first open houses. So today, for $2, we were able to walk the entire stadium, including the areas we will likely not see for a long time unless someone wins some sort of lottery.

We spent almost 6 hours inside the new center of Twins Territory, and I did not want to leave. It is an absolute thing of beauty. Ironically today was overcast – the sky about matched the color of the Metrodome roof, but this sky did not end. The whole place is open. Very intimate. Metrodome opposite.

We sat in every pricing section to try to get a feel of what we liked most. There are definitely some obstructed views…every outfield section except lower-left field will not be able to see all of the outfield. But you’ve got to give and take. The park has such charm…and thinking about it, in order to ensure those outfield seats could see all of the outfield, the seats would need to be farther from the field. I’m willing to give.

My favorite seats are along the 3rd base line, really any level. We liked the Skyline Deck, the Field Terrace along 3rd base, and Skyline View. Great views of both the game and the Minneapolis skyline. Never really paid much attention to the architecture of those buildings, but I already can envision staring off into the concrete jungle and missing a Jessie-Crain-grooved fastball down the middle of the plate that lands in the bullpen.

We still have 3 weeks until our first Twins game and I can’t wait. From Metrodome where Dad brought me to so many Twins games, to a new era, that Dad I can have good times in the summer and teach my daughter to be a Twins fan.

Hopefully she will bring me to Twins games in the new-new stadium in 30 years.

Click below for more photos from our day.

Gopher Game @ Target Field

Gophers Play First at Target Field; Peace Out Dome Dog

Gophers will Christen Target Field
Today the Twins and the U of MN announced that the first baseball game to be played at Target Field will be a Gopher game v. Louisiana Tech on Saturday March 27th. The way that the’re doing it is kinda cool though. The game is at 1PM, but gates will open at 9AM, allowing fans to check out the new digs in open-house style. The Twins press release mentions that this will be the first opportunity for the public to check out the stadium, which contradicts what they have said before about a general public open house on March 21st. At any rate, they will use the time to test out systems and get in a dry run before the Twins exhibition games the next weekend.

Tickets will cost $2, which is actually a donation to the Twins Community Fund. Seating will be general admission and they will cap attendance at 25,000. Tickets go on sale ONLY at the Target Field box office on March 27 at 8AM. Good opportunity to get down there and check things out casually. It will work out great for our family, as we won’t have to worry about keeping our 1 1/2 year old occupied through an entire Twins game.

End of an Era
The Dome Dog and the Hormel Row of Fame will not move to Target Field, as the Twins and Hormel announced today that they will part ways. No more catchy jingle, no more signature 1/4 lb hot dog. No more Hormel Dollar Dog Nights. I’ll miss the jingle the most I think. The big dog and dollar dog can easily be replaced.

Actually, I’m interested to see which brand replaces Hormel. I remember when I first started going to Twins games at Metrodome (all of the age of 7 or so) seeing Schweigert all over the place, and I would ask for “Schweigert Tenderbites 0 the Official Hot Dog of the Minnesota Twins” when we went grocery shopping. Could Target Field return us to yesteryear a bit? Actually, I think Schweigert is what they sell at Xcel Energy Center – and the Wild Dog is quite tasty (as long you get one that’s less than 2 hours old).

I’ve got more Target Field food talk brewing for a post to come soon.

Twinsfest 2010 Target Field Breaking News

Coming to you LIVE from section 134 at Metrodome. (Always wanted to say that.) Came down to Twinsfest today, which I’m all about as long as I can score free tix. Just not something I typically want to pay for. Best part for me is listening to am1500 interviews with the players.

So after the radio broadcast ended, we stumbled upon a Q&A with Dave St. Peter, Jerry Bell, Bill Smith, and one of the Pohlads (sorry, not up on my Pohlad kid trivia). Here’s a few answers they gave to questions asked by the sparse crowd. Please excuse the roughness of my writing on this one. I’ve never broke breaking news before! =)

  • March 21st open house @ Target Field for the general public. There will be a seperate season ticket holder open house but since that didn’t apply to me I didn’t listen.
  • Free wifi throughout Target Field.
  • All games on FSN should be in HD.
  • Dollar Dog Night will transfer to TF, as will student night.
  • Incinerator has given off some odor on hot, humid days. The Twins and county have a zero tolerance policy, so if that happens, they will stop burning. Jerry Bell said he’s not sure how long it will be there, but right now it helps heat the field. But chances are the facility will not last long simply because of technology.
  • Capacity at TF still not yet official but likely around 39,800. They expect just over 20,000 season tickets, so in theory 20,000 should be availabe for single game tickets. DSP suggests that buying single games in advance will be an important strategy, instead of walking up on gameday.
  • Exhibition game tix will go on sale likely in late February, and they expect them to sell out.
  • College game March 27, likely with U of MN.
  • “My Tickets” will be availabe this season for reselling season tickets.
  • All Star Game is still targeted for 2014. DSP is confident, although nothing is inked yet.
  • Too dangerous to have a plaza on top of the parking ramp closest to TF.
  • No concern from DSP about wind studies until games are actually played. Wind varies, and we’ll see how it blows to right field.
  • Sun will be interesting. Shadows in afternoon and evening sun will be the biggest challenge.
  • Bill Smith basically said we’re set in the infield. “We’re going to probably pass” on Joe Crede and others available now aren’t necessarily better than what we have. O Cabrerra has never played 3rd or 2nd so there’s not a fit for him here.
  • Twins would be interested in hosting the NHL Winter Classic. Promised the head groundskeeper they wouldn’t do it this year, but it’s a strong possibility in the future.
  • Season-long parking would be controlled by the private lots, not the Twins.
  • On the opening series lottery, DSP said “We just thought it was the fairest way to do it.”
  • In relation to being able to watch Twins batting practice, gates will open 2 hours before gametimes on weekends. Not that early during the week.
  • One of the Twins interns will be running stats as the only of his or her job, and will be looking at runs created and other “new” stats.
  • Radio broadcast will be pumped in to the restrooms.
  • 7000 parking spaces in the A, B, C ramps. 3 persons per car average means half of the spectators at TF could park there. However if you want to leave quickly after the game don’t park in the ramps. Also if you parked a few blocks from Metrodome, that spot will likely also work for TF because they are approximately a mile apart, on opposite ends of downtown.
  • Twins have an agreement in Ft. Meyers until 2010, plus 10 years of options after that. The Twins love it there, so spring training will be there for quite a long time.