Touch Em All John Gordon

John Gordon started doing play by play for the Twins in 1987, when I was a wee lad. These were times when people actually listened to sports on the radio, before every game was on TV. I remember listening to Herb Carneal and Gordo on any one of the high-tech Walkmans, boomboxes, and car stereos of my younger days. Twins baseball would pass the time cutting the grass (we had a big yard) and keep us company out on the lake. I was so emotionally involved back then. I’d wear headphones around the house just to listen to a random game and I didn’t care how the season was going. Sometimes I’d keep a scorebook just to practice. Those guys painted all the picture I needed. I guess I’m just as emotionally-vested now, but I listen on my way to or from Target Field or on my iPhone. That’s how I listened to Gordo’s final call last night.

I always preferred Herb growing up, but now I realize that I will miss Gordo’s voice, his ultimately positive outlook on the state of Twins baseball, and his stories that sometimes would take precedence over a ball 2 call. He’s another one of those connections to my younger days that keep slowly fading into memories.


This is a photo I found from the pregame tribute. Dan Gladden gave Gordo a ride around Target Field in a Harley sidecar. Here’s a link to the ceremony if you didn’t get to see it. And here is his final call.

“Touch Em All Kirby Puckett!! Touch Em All Kirby Puckett!!” That call of Kirby’s Game 6 winner in ’91 will forever forever be ingrained in my gourd. So I salute you Gordo. Thanks for the memories.

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