Great Weekend of College Hockey

The Bulldogs allowed the Gophers into Amsoil Arena this weekend, and it was a great weekend of hockey. They played to a 2-2 tie on Friday night and Saturday the Dogs won 6-4  thanks to 5 goals from Mike Connolly. He had an absolutely dominant game to pull UMD into a tie with Denver for the WCHA lead.

Contrary to the babble of FS-North’s Lapanta and Gorg, the Dogs did play a better game than the Gophers. They had a goal disallowed because of goaltender interference and Gorg maintained that he was pushed in. Umm…no. The Bulldog defenseman went for the stick, they bumped each other, and then the Gopher went into the goalie. No way he was pushed in. But of course, that’s why the Gophers lost…because of a bad call.

How about the Gophers lost because the Dogs kept coming. Each time the Gophers got closer tonight, the Dogs (i.e., Mike Connolly) matched them. But perhaps the biggest goal came in the 3rd and it wasn’t Connolly. Travis Oleksuk scored to give the Dogs a 2-goal lead in the 3rd and that turned out to be the big goal.

So with 8 games left, UMD and Denver are tied for first and North Dakota is 1 point back in the WCHA. Should be fun down the stretch.

Watching this series on FS North (in HD even) gave me my first real good look at Amsoil, and from what I could see it is beautiful. I’m heading up in March for UMD v. Nebraska Omaha and I can’t wait. While in Friday night’s game there were lulls in the crowd, tonight they seemed into it from the start. Good chants from the student section and great reaction to the goals.


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