Catching Up With the Wild

I spent some time with an old friend named Minnesota Wild tonight. I made a point to watch the whole game without abusing the DVR controls, which is something I haven’t done yet this season. Couple things this allowed me to notice…

  • Squad is playing some decent hockey, but tonight only for a period. They were really good in the first, but a big mental mistake on a too-many-men penalty midway through a 1-1 game negated a pretty passing-play goal. Ottawa scored like 20 seconds later and the rest of the night there wasn’t much Wild offense.
  • Having Pierre-Marc Bouchard back is like the good ‘ol days. And he’s still little.
  • Dino Ciccarelli is apparently a good guy. When he played for the North Stars I was little and didn’t follow hockey much yet, and all I remember is a no pants incident.
  • I really like FSN’s open sequence with the St Paul locale, hockey snippets, and TV production cutaways. It’s got some nice polish on it too.
  • You know the Wild didn’t play a great game when a retired guy was chosen by FSN as the Star of the Game.
  • It’s weird hearing Wild fans booing the home team at the X but I have no problem with them showing frustration. I’d like to see the Wild organization show some frustration.
  • Our new 32″ LCD TV in the bedroom that we spent $260 on has a better picture than our 4-year old 50″ DLP that cost much more.

Enough lamenting the Wild. Time to start season 2 of Dexter.


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