Target Field Smells Like Goodness

It must be burned into my clothes. Right now it is 11:50PM, about 9 hours after my dad and I left the UMTC baseball game at Target Field, and I swear I smell sausage. Grilled sausage. Hot dogs. Italians. Polishes (Polski?). A smell that never permeated Metrodome but maybe for a small section of the tunnel-like concourse. But this smell seemed to waft from one end of the park to the other. Like an intoxicating perfume.

I had to keep reminding myself we were in Minny.

Today was my first experience in Target Field. Not a season ticket holder, so I missed out on the first open houses. So today, for $2, we were able to walk the entire stadium, including the areas we will likely not see for a long time unless someone wins some sort of lottery.

We spent almost 6 hours inside the new center of Twins Territory, and I did not want to leave. It is an absolute thing of beauty. Ironically today was overcast – the sky about matched the color of the Metrodome roof, but this sky did not end. The whole place is open. Very intimate. Metrodome opposite.

We sat in every pricing section to try to get a feel of what we liked most. There are definitely some obstructed views…every outfield section except lower-left field will not be able to see all of the outfield. But you’ve got to give and take. The park has such charm…and thinking about it, in order to ensure those outfield seats could see all of the outfield, the seats would need to be farther from the field. I’m willing to give.

My favorite seats are along the 3rd base line, really any level. We liked the Skyline Deck, the Field Terrace along 3rd base, and Skyline View. Great views of both the game and the Minneapolis skyline. Never really paid much attention to the architecture of those buildings, but I already can envision staring off into the concrete jungle and missing a Jessie-Crain-grooved fastball down the middle of the plate that lands in the bullpen.

We still have 3 weeks until our first Twins game and I can’t wait. From Metrodome where Dad brought me to so many Twins games, to a new era, that Dad I can have good times in the summer and teach my daughter to be a Twins fan.

Hopefully she will bring me to Twins games in the new-new stadium in 30 years.

Click below for more photos from our day.

Gopher Game @ Target Field

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