EPIC Gold Medal Matchup Set

So Team USA came out of nowhere today and dominated in a 6-1 thrashing of Finland. Actually, it was 6-0 with 5 minutes to go in the 1st period. Didn’t see that coming. But who would predict FIN G Miikka Kiprusoff crumbling the way he did? USA’s first goal was directly the result of a Kipper turnover. In at least 2 of the other goals he gave up he was flopping around in net. Finally he took himself out (really…the coach didn’t have the cahones to take him out) after the 4th goal and Wild G Niklas Backstrom came in to try and salvage something. But he gave up 2 goals and that was all there was to it. And Kipper thinks he should start the Bronze Medal game.

Canada coasted through 2 and a half periods v. Slovakia in the other semifinal. Up 3-0, SLV scored 1 goal, then got a 2nd goal, and it was on. With the Great White North holding its collective breath in the last few seconds, SLV F (and former Wild) Pavol Demitra found the puck on his stick with CAN G Roberto Luongo exposing a good section of the net. But Demo’s shot either went wide or off the near post. CAN survives the scare and heads to the Gold Medal game v. USA.

So, it’s on. Sunday 2PM. CAN has figured it out and is playing really well. USA has not lost a game in the Olympics and has been steady throughout. Basically, USA has to “prove” their win from last Sunday. If they lose this game, it’ll be “Canada won when it mattered.” It’s the matchup everyone wants, and there’s going to be a ton of hype building up to Sunday. I can’t wait.

NBC is getting it right and airing the game live. What a way to close out the games.


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