Twinsfest 2010 Target Field Breaking News

Coming to you LIVE from section 134 at Metrodome. (Always wanted to say that.) Came down to Twinsfest today, which I’m all about as long as I can score free tix. Just not something I typically want to pay for. Best part for me is listening to am1500 interviews with the players.

So after the radio broadcast ended, we stumbled upon a Q&A with Dave St. Peter, Jerry Bell, Bill Smith, and one of the Pohlads (sorry, not up on my Pohlad kid trivia). Here’s a few answers they gave to questions asked by the sparse crowd. Please excuse the roughness of my writing on this one. I’ve never broke breaking news before! =)

  • March 21st open house @ Target Field for the general public. There will be a seperate season ticket holder open house but since that didn’t apply to me I didn’t listen.
  • Free wifi throughout Target Field.
  • All games on FSN should be in HD.
  • Dollar Dog Night will transfer to TF, as will student night.
  • Incinerator has given off some odor on hot, humid days. The Twins and county have a zero tolerance policy, so if that happens, they will stop burning. Jerry Bell said he’s not sure how long it will be there, but right now it helps heat the field. But chances are the facility will not last long simply because of technology.
  • Capacity at TF still not yet official but likely around 39,800. They expect just over 20,000 season tickets, so in theory 20,000 should be availabe for single game tickets. DSP suggests that buying single games in advance will be an important strategy, instead of walking up on gameday.
  • Exhibition game tix will go on sale likely in late February, and they expect them to sell out.
  • College game March 27, likely with U of MN.
  • “My Tickets” will be availabe this season for reselling season tickets.
  • All Star Game is still targeted for 2014. DSP is confident, although nothing is inked yet.
  • Too dangerous to have a plaza on top of the parking ramp closest to TF.
  • No concern from DSP about wind studies until games are actually played. Wind varies, and we’ll see how it blows to right field.
  • Sun will be interesting. Shadows in afternoon and evening sun will be the biggest challenge.
  • Bill Smith basically said we’re set in the infield. “We’re going to probably pass” on Joe Crede and others available now aren’t necessarily better than what we have. O Cabrerra has never played 3rd or 2nd so there’s not a fit for him here.
  • Twins would be interested in hosting the NHL Winter Classic. Promised the head groundskeeper they wouldn’t do it this year, but it’s a strong possibility in the future.
  • Season-long parking would be controlled by the private lots, not the Twins.
  • On the opening series lottery, DSP said “We just thought it was the fairest way to do it.”
  • In relation to being able to watch Twins batting practice, gates will open 2 hours before gametimes on weekends. Not that early during the week.
  • One of the Twins interns will be running stats as the only of his or her job, and will be looking at runs created and other “new” stats.
  • Radio broadcast will be pumped in to the restrooms.
  • 7000 parking spaces in the A, B, C ramps. 3 persons per car average means half of the spectators at TF could park there. However if you want to leave quickly after the game don’t park in the ramps. Also if you parked a few blocks from Metrodome, that spot will likely also work for TF because they are approximately a mile apart, on opposite ends of downtown.
  • Twins have an agreement in Ft. Meyers until 2010, plus 10 years of options after that. The Twins love it there, so spring training will be there for quite a long time.

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