Hockey Day 2010

Just a real quick post before I fall asleep. I’m winding up a long day that included taking in a good portion of Hockey Day Minnesota and a good day of family, mixed in with some “day job” work. I’m actually quite spent.

The Wild put together a nice game and beat Columbus 4-2, although it should have been a shutout for Niklas Backstrom. He gave up 2 goals in the last 30 seconds of the game. The first one deflected off Kim Johnsson and Backstrom could do nothing about it, but his reaction annoyed me. He sorta dropped his stick in a weird way…seemed defiant. And the 2nd goal with 3 seconds left was a weak shot from outside the circles. Seemed to me he gave up on it after the shutout was broken up. But that’s just me.

Mikko Koivu scored twice as the Wild tried something different called score first and play with the lead. Seemed to work out pretty well!

From the Dissappointing but Typical Desk, the UMD Bulldogs, who had jumped to #4 in the national polls after consecutive sweeps in the WCHA, lost in OT v. Bemidji State. BSU tied it up in the last seconds and won it in OT to complete a weekend home-and-home sweep over the Dogs. The loss doesn’t hurt UMD from a conference standpoint so it’s all about the bounceback next week.

I’m looking forward to BSU joining the WCHA next season along with Nebraska Omaha (who brings Dean Blais with them). I think the conference will be even tougher, and I’m looking forward to having a couple more teams in the mix.

Alright. Sortof a lame post but I have to get to bed. I hear there’s a big football game tomorrow.


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