Single Game Thievery

We interrupt this belated recap of the Wild offseason for a bit of a rant on the single game ticket pricing strategy being employed by the Wizzy. Single game tickets go on sale this Saturday, andiIn case you haven’t seen the plan, two things have me all worked up: select games that are more expensive than the rest (codename: premium games), and forcing those interested in seeing Gaborik’s return or the Cup champs to purchase another game (codename: companion games).

These are both strategies that the Vikings have been ripped for, at least by me, and I couldn’t be more disappointed the Wild are using it. They are not fan-friendly options at a time when not many have extra money in their pockets and I just don’t get it. To me it wreaks of arrogance on the organization’s part. They expect us to pay whatever crazy amount they ask. Premium games are $5-$20 more expensive depending on the section. In the case of the companion games, we can not even choose the game – they are predetermined middle-of-the-week games that aren’t exactly sexy matchups. And if the team is losing…expect even more fan angst.

The sellout streak will die this season.


1 thought on “Single Game Thievery

  1. I think the Twins did this last year or the year before."Hey, people only come to these games. So lets charge more those days!"Just silly.

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