We’re Winnin’! We’re Winnin’!

Hey! It’s a posting sighting on Wild View from Section 216! I’ve been a bit MIA lately – crazy stuff going down at my day job and all-around other stuff going on. Let’s see, since my last post what has happened?

  • 4 wins, 3 losses, 1 OT loss
  • Ridiculous 3-0 blown lead v. Ottawa
  • Dominated by Detroit, then Domination of Detroit
  • In and out of the playoffs seemingly daily
  • Kurtis Foster completed a successful rehab stint in Houston
  • Coach Jacques knocked to the ice 2x, almost a 3rd
  • Beat writers and fans went from fired up to disgusted
  • Twins signed Joe Crede (yeah yeah, wrong sport, but can you believe it?)

So where in my last post I was encouraged and thought the Wild had perhaps gotten over the win 1 lose 1 hump, they went 4-3-1. They continue to hover on the playoff bubble, currently IN the playoffs 1 point ahead of Edmonton.

I stick by my preseason prediction that the Wild will make the playoffs in the 7th or 8th spot, and that they will be this year’s team that bucks the home-ice advantage and upsets a couple teams. It feels like a year that when no one expects the team to do anything and it takes alot of heat in town – that once in the playoffs something crazy happens. That’s the vibe deep in my gut.

But then again, in my last post I thought they had gotten over the mediocrity hump.

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