Happy Hockey Day, MN

A long day of hockey in the state of hockey proved to be a long day for the Wild tonite. The could not capitalize on multiple scoring chances, and lose 3-0 to the Anaheim Ducks.

I didn’t think the Wizzy played all that bad really. They just missed alot of opportunities to bury the puck…PMB and Miettenen come to mind as the most glaring. Anaheim played their typical brand of power hockey and were able to get 3 by Niklas Backstrom.

We also saw a potentially severe injury to Andrew Brunette. Bruno went awkwardly face-first into the boards while losing his balance and kind of starting to do the splits. Sounds like it was a knee injury, and it did not look good at all. Gotta hope it looked worse than it was, but he had to be helped off the ice.

It was disappointing that the Wild couldn’t continue the win streak, but I am still encouraged that they had plenty of chances, had some good pressure, and continued to play inspired for most of the game. They’ll need to keep up that same confidence v. Chicago on Monday (on Vs.).

Hockey Day
I was able to keep tabs on hockey day MN throughout the day. My wife went shopping so Baby Girl and I watched starting at 10 AM. Well, Baby Girl played in the exersaucer mostly, and napped, and rolled around on the floor alot, and apparently cut a new tooth…but she glanced at the TV a few times. I also mixed in a little NHL 09 during naps. It was a great event with the high school games @ Phalen Park and the high school game @ the X. Didn’t watch Gophers v. SCSU, cause both those teams bite. Add a little Hockey Night in Canada from NHL Network. I’ll flip in once or twice on the girls high school game that is on delay right now on FSN right now and I’ll probably DVR the Aeros game later tonite. The 3rd Hockey Day MN was a success for the Wild and also for me enjoying the vibe.

Think about this…Hockey Day MN #4, 5, or 6 might just include a Wild game outdoors @ TCF Bank Stadium or Target Field.


1 thought on “Happy Hockey Day, MN

  1. “Who are you and what have you done with our favorite offensively-challenged hockey team?”You asked for them , you got ’em.

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