Back in the Game

I only saw the 3rd period of tonite’s Wild v. Red Wings game, but it was a pretty good period for the Wizzy. Trailing 1-0 at the start, Owen Nolan scored a powerplay goal on a rebound to tie it, then Antti Miettinen scored a legitimate goal (as opposed to one for the other team) off a turnover shortly after to give the Wild the lead. The Red Wings eventually tied it on a borderline high stick that was initially waved off but was counted after a lengthy review, and it was close for sure. I am not up in arms with the decision to allow the goal, just a little surprised after the KSTC guys were so certain it would not count. Wrong again boys. The Wings won it in the shootout with Pavol Datsuyk’s toe drag goal the only one to go in.

I really wish Nolan could stay healthy. He still has a nose for the puck and can score goals. He just is old and breaks down too much.

I think overall the last two games against the best in the league are encouraging and the Wild are poised to make a stand to get back in the playoff picture before the All-Star break. We will see how the next game goes in Colorado.


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