New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions. I’ve always considered them to be extremely overrated. But after quite an eventful year in my life, I’m prepared to make one. But what resolution to make? Come along in my journey to

Resolution Option 1: Lose Weight
Great idea. But this really needs to be a lifestyle change. Does anyone’s New Year’s resolution to drop weight ever work? Like for more than 6 months? If you seriously want to get in shape it has to be more than about New Year’s. Do it for you, not because it’s trendy.

Resolution Option 2: Be a Better Employee
Great idea. If I still have a job in 2 months I’ll make sure I do that.

Resolution Option 3: Drink Less Beer
Yeah. That’s probably a pretty good idea. It would help out with option number 1. I’ll take that into consideration.

Option 4: Drink More Beer
That’s a very collegy-non-parenty thing to do. I’ve got a daughter to think about now.

Option 5: Be a Better Husband
Really I have no room for improvement here. Just ask my wife.

So Then What?
I’m left with this blog. I’ve been really bad about posting over the last month or 2. I’ve been really disconnected from our Wizzy club of late. I’ve felt guilty when people ask about the Wild and my best answer is “Not enough talent.” Duh. Brilliant answer.

Then Russo published a Strib story this week about Doug Reisbrough being on borrowed time with the fans. That was a come-to-blog Jezus for me. That was my take before the season started on the blogosphere podcast. Clearly I need t get back into the Wild View.

Official Resolution: Own This Blog Like I Mean It


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