Groin-Gate 2008 Update

Sorry…I guess it’s officially lower-body-gate 2008. At any rate, apparently Marian Gaborik is set to play in his 3rd game of the season Wed v. Calgary. From what I read in Russo and what I saw on KSTP’s award-winning sports segment (read: sarcasm), he was skating in today’s practice on a line with James Sheppard and Stephane Veillieux. Sheppard called it the powder blue line, because they were wearing light blue jerseys. He also said Gabby was Gabby, something about Stephane, and that he (Shepp that is) was moving his legs well. I am hoping for a tish more than that I gotta say, but it’s a start.

At least for tomorrow, this gives us something to watch for, and thus a reason to watch. Wild need offense and whether or not this turns out to be the start of Gabby’s farewell tour, hopefully he brings back a little swaggar to the team and the fan base.


1 thought on “Groin-Gate 2008 Update

  1. Gaby was his usually flakey self last night on the ice coughing up the puck a couple of times, but at least he was skating and had a couple of chances.

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