Boring Hockey is no Fun to Write About

In 2-plus weeks of Wild hockey since I last posted, this is all I have been motivated to write. I can not sit thru watching this team right now. What started as inconsistency has turned into gouge-my-eye-out games to sit thru. It has turned into DVRing and fast-forwarding thru games, to turning it on for about 5 minutes tonite and checking the score on the ticker later. I am very passionate about Wild hockey but I have been dissappointingly apathetic about the team over the last couple weeks. When people ask my my opinion about Gabby or the scoring or really anything about the team, I have to fight back a response of “Who cares.”

So if by the off-chance anyone has noticed my lack of posts, forgive me. I’m just finding better things to do with my time, like watching my daughter do all sorts of cool baby things. If the Wild start doing things that keep my attention, the posts will likely return.

On a much more positive note, the University of Minnesota-Duluth Bulldog football team won the school’s 1st-ever national championship yesterday, winning the D-II football title game. I found myself jumping up and down while watching this game…very rube-ish. Way to go Dogs!


4 thoughts on “Boring Hockey is no Fun to Write About

  1. Nobody understands frustration with your team like us Stars fans (except maybe Lightning fans). We’ve had to put extra effort into posting on a regular basis because who wants to talk about yet another loss, or even another sloppy win? But I’m determined not to be a fair-weather fan. I’m a Stars fan if they suck or not.Don’t worry about the Wild – they’re just slumping. They’ll come out of it eventually. There’s still plenty of hockey left to be played.

  2. Good perspective. I wouldn’t say I’m being fair weather. I freely admit that I’m a fair weather Vikings fan. But I’m not a fair weather Wild fan. Really it’s that there is just not a whole lot there to hold my attention right now. Maybe if Gabby comes back Wednesday…

  3. Other than just sucking, we lack ANY leadership to pull us through. I know the C isn’t that huge of a deal, but could have a more idiotic choice been made? Since KJ was given the C, we are a stellar 1-6 and he has lead that charge with a glorious 1 point and adding constant value with a -6 rating. Who’s next for C, Skoula?

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