Rivalry Renewed

Wild @ Canucks – Sat 11-8 – View from my Recliner

Tonite I’m testing out blogging from my iPhone so please excuse any typos. So far, meh. Apparently Blogger’s editor doesn’t work with iPhone so I have to post it in HTML, which isn’t a big deal but it is time-consuming to switch between the keyboard layouts. We’ll see. On to the game.

Wild lose to the Canucks tonite 2-0. The game was actually pretty entertaining even tho the Wild could not get anything by Canuck G Roberto Luongo. It was a hard-hitting affair. Several Wild players were finishing checks in a way you don’t typically see from the Wizzy. They also peppered Luongo through most of the game, and especially in the 3rd period. Luongo was exceptional, making a handful of saves when it seemed the Wild were set up to tie the game at 1. But late in the 3rd one of the Sedin twins found the other Sedin and that Sedin scored to ice the win for Vancouver. Anyone know what Backstrom was trying to do on that play? Because he basically fell over.

Oh I’m sure most of you saw that former Wild F Mark Parrish had a hat trick in his 1st game for the Dallas Stars. My cousin on TX basically gave me play by play. His quote was “Parrish is a beast!” =) Good for Parrish tho. He’s a class act.

Not much else from here. Mostly because I’ve been working on typing this for a half hour and all I’ve got is one tiny paragraph. If anyone knows of any good blogging apps for iPhone please let me know!


4 thoughts on “Rivalry Renewed

  1. I LOVE it! I’ve had it 2 weeks and I can’t put it down. I love being always connected and able to go to pretty much any webpage (as long as it doesn’t use Flash). And the app store makes it even cooler. I’m no Apple fanboy and I was on the fence too but i’m really happy I got it.

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