Hey! The Season Started!

So I’m watching Gophers v. Hoosers football, flipping channels, and I come across hockey on NHL Network. Makes sense right? Well, to my surprise, it’s Rangers v. Lightning from Prague, and it’s a real-life regular season game! I missed the memo on this one. I knew the season was going to open in Europe, but I didn’t realize it was this soon!

Penguins v. Senators from Stockholm follows this game. So if you read this in time, turn on NHL Network. And a quick check of NHL.com shows that Lightning v. Rangers part deux will be on VS. tomorrow at 11 AM CST.

The 2008 season is on hockey fans!


2 thoughts on “Hey! The Season Started!

  1. I didn’t know either. That’s why I thought my friend Dillon was an idiot when he was blabbing on about how this is the real season for the Penguins. My bad.

  2. I got to see both Rangers games on MSG and then some of both of the Senators/Penguins games on NHL Network (Saturday) and Versus (yesterday).The Rangers played solid hockey with the exception of finishing plays. I guess Mike Smith and Olaf Kolzig each standing on their heads was a factor.I am super stoked that hockey’s finally back after what seemed like a long summer. Now it’s time for the Wild to play on Saturday!

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