Summertime Hockey Blogging

Time to dust off the blog a bit. Alot has gone on since I last posted, after some team other than the Wild skated around with Lord Stanley’s Cup. The league is knee-deep in free agency. My thoughts on the things that come to mind so far…

Brian Rolston signs with New Jersey
I know we’ll miss his big slapper and we’ll have to replace his consistent 30 goals, but this doesn’t dissappoint me too much. I enjoyed watching Roli, but I also remember getting pretty down on him throughout the season. He would disappear for strings of games at a time. He led the movement the players had to have the “optional” practice which I never really bought into. So while this is a loss, I’m not devastated.

Andrew Brunette Returns to Wild
I’m all about this signing. Bruno was a fan-favorite when everyone’s favorite GM that isn’t Kevin McHale let him go 3 years ago. Bruno had 3 good seasons in Colorado, he openly spoke about how much he missed Minnesota, and the deal to bring him back in free agency was done quicker than Chris Simon deciding to leave the country. Brunette can dish the puck…hopefully often to Gabby on the powerplay.

Wild Trade for Marek Zidlicky
Wild gave up a prospect and a draft pick, but they get another offensive defenseman to compliment Brent Burns and Kim Johnsson. Put it this way…do you want Pterri Nummellin or Marek Zidlicky?

Wild Trade for Marc-Andre Bergeron
I don’t know much about Bergeron, but the Wild only gave up a 3rd round pick. If he will replace Keith Carney, sounds good to me.

Wild Lose Todd Fedoruk and Aaron Voros
Fedoruk signed with Phoenix, Voros with New York Rangers. While they were both lightning rods at times last year, they were bit players. There’s a reason Fedoruk was on waivers and Voros was in the AHL. They can be replaced.

Pavol Demitra? Marian Gaborik?
So Pav has not signed anywhere so far. All the speculation said he would be going to Vancouver, but if it hasn’t happened yet maybe that has cooled. It does not sound like the Wild have much interest either way and I’m fine with that. Demo had a bad year in 07-08.

With Marian Hossa signing a 1-year contract in Detroit another of Gabby’s best buddies is not available for the Wild, and that will have an impact on Gabby’s decision on re-upping with the Wild. This next year is the last in his existing contract. If Gabby resigns here this offseason I’ll be shocked…which means expect this to be his last season in Minny.

Wild Loses Kristian Huselius to Columbus
Huselius went to Columbus for just under $5 M a year. How does the Wild lose a player to Columbus??? Marian Hossa didn’t want to play here either. I’m getting an inferiority complex.

Chris Simon Goes to Russia

We’ll miss ya Thugnation.

Well, that’s what comes to mind as of right now. Look for more-frequent posts as free agency rolls along. We’re only about 2 months or so from training camp. Also, don’t be alarmed if I hijack this blog with a little Twins talk. Twins are on fiya, and suddenly the White Sox don’t lose.

Oh, and my wife will be going into labor any…day…now…so look for more on that when I have news to share.


2 thoughts on “Summertime Hockey Blogging

  1. So much has happened, but I’m not really going to do anything about it until I see what happens.Congrats to you and your wife! I hope everything goes well.

  2. I think fans should be less disappointed about what does or doesn’t happen in free agency, and more disappointed about the bigger picture. The point isn’t that we we’re able bankrupt ourselves to get Marian Hossa-it’s that other teams around the league are cultivating young stars like Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin, Backstrom (the other one), Towes, Kane, Stamkos, etc., and we don’t have anyone like that. It’s similar to the Twins…it’s not like people didn’t understand why the club wouldn’t want to spend all that money to keep Torii and Johan, but the fact that the club wasn’t able/willing to do anything to replace those players with the excess money was 90% of the reason we wanted to keep them.

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