Stanley Cup Final Set

In this extreemly long postseason, there is only one series left.

Tonite Detroit finished off Dallas, and we’re looking at a Cup Final between the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguines. The series starts Saturday nite.

Just a quick shoutout to Dallas’ season. I didn’t expect them to make the conference finals this year, and the run may have rejuvineted that franchise at a time where they may have started to lose some fans. I was very impressed with their fans in the playoffs. One side of the lower level stood for the majority of the games, including the 4 OT marathon in game 6 v. the Sharks.

Detroit should run away with this series. They’re playing excellent hockey. Pittsburgh is playing well too, so maybe I’m a bit too hasty with my quick judgement. But I think the Wings win. At any rate, I hope it is exciting. I didn’t find much reason to watch much of the Conference Finals. I only caught bits and pieces of Wings v. Stars, and I’d like to be interested in this series.

The NHL gets Sidney Crosby in the Final, so that’s good for the league supposedly. NBC will get to air more Penguins this season. And we’re guaranteed that a traditional hockey city will win the Cup this year, breaking the string of 3 straight southern teams coming away with Lord Stanley.

And in Wild news, Thug Nation Numeral Uno will be playing in Russia next season. GREAT TRADE DEADLINE MOVE MR. REISBROUGH!


2 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Final Set

  1. For real. What the hell, DR? Why is this post season so long? I can’t figure it out. Maybe I’ll just give up on watching and focus my karma on the Twins. With all the injuries and sketchy, streaky baseball that they have been playing lately, it seems like they could use it.

  2. I was thinking the same thing about Simon. That’s pretty much the reason as to why I’m terrified for this off-season.

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