Conference Finals…More Coincidental Hockey

Since the Wild were eliminated, it’s been tougher this year than others to get into the playoffs. That said, I did watch most of the Dallas/SJ 4 overtime game on Sunday. I watched most of the game, then 3 of the overtimes, and decided I can’t stay awake through another intermission and who knows how much hockey. So I set the DVR and watched the 4th OT as I got ready for work. Thank goodness it ended when it did…I almost had to FFwd to the game winner. Incidentally, what a great game! Both goalies were stellar in the OTs, including an unbelievable save by Nabokov in the 1st (I think) OT. Congrats to the Stars for finishing the series and pulling another upset. And to Brendan Morrow…would love to have him on our team.

On to my thoughts about the finals…

Pittsburgh Penguins v. Philadelphia Flyers
It’s been a pretty magical run for the Flyers. They’ve played tough in this playoff, beating Washington and then ousting #1 seeded Montreal. For the Pens, they’ve only lost 1 game so far in the playoffs, sweeping Ottawa and losing only 1 to the NY Rangers. This could be a good series. Can Philly’s bruisers take it to Pitt’s talented forwards? I think this will go long, and I think the Pens will outlast the Flyers. We know one thing…the state of Pennsylvania will have a team in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Detroit Red Wings v. Dallas Stars
Detroit had to work a little to get by Nashville in the 1st round, but had an easy go against Colorado. Dallas pulled upsets against teams from their own conference in both rounds, Anaheim and then San Jose. How will they do against a team from another conference, and one that has not had to play seemingly 50 periods of overtime hockey? I gotta say it’s been fun watching Dallas overachieve, but I think Detroit’s the better team here and is playing real well right now. Detroit wins…Sorry Matt.


1 thought on “Conference Finals…More Coincidental Hockey

  1. I’m so pissed at the Flyers, but my anger over the Flyers winning does not compare with my loathing of the Penguins.I agree, Nisky isn’t going to come out of this one alive…the Red Wings are rolling, probably all the way to a Stanley Cup.

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