Conference Semifinals Predictions

Well, it’s been almost a week since everyone’s favorite non-goal-scoring, defenseman-challenged hockey team was elimiated from the chase for the Cup. It’s still difficult for me to detatch enough to post, but I’ll start back slowly.

1st Round Surprises

  • Wild lose – I truly expected them to get past the 1st round.
  • Dallas beat Anaheim – I didn’t think the Stars had it in them.
  • Jeremy Roenick was a factor – He had 2 goals and 2 assists in game 7 v. Calgary
  • Boston took Montreal to 7 games.

1st Round As Planned

  • New Jersey had nothin v. the Rangers.
  • Washington was vulnerable as the 3rd seed in the east. Similar to the Wizzy.

Western Conference 2nd Round
#1 Detroit v. #6 Colorado
This is the big rivalry series from the late ’90s and early ’00s. Will it be as physical? Doubt it. Colorado proved they don’t have to be physical to compete. I think this is where it ends for the Avs tho. Detroit should pull this one out.

#2 San Jose v. #5 Dallas
2nd matchup of the playoffs for Dallas against their division. This will be a great series. Mike Modano v. Jeremy Roenick. Evgeni Nabokov v. Marty Turco. I told people from the area I’d be pulling for Dallas, so that’s my call.

Eastern Conference 2nd Round
#1 Montreal v. #6 Philadelphia
Montreal surprisingly took 7 games to get by Boston, but I think they’re a better team than Philly.

#2 Pittsburgh v. #3 NY Rangers
This should be another great series. I don’t trust the Rangers, but alot of people pick them to get to the Cup final. I’m going with the Pens.

Ode to a Dead Wild Season
Eh, maybe in a few days…


One thought on “Conference Semifinals Predictions

  1. I want to see a Rangers/Habs matchup. I bet that would get the fans going. Sadly I’m rooting for Dallas too, but I don’t actually want them to win, because I picked San Jose to go to the Finals.

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