Inaugural Wild Blogosphere Podcast

A few of us Wild-blogging rubes put together a cute little podcast for your listening enjoyment. In the first installment of the Wild Bloggosphere Podcast, NiNY from Hitting the Post, Kirsten from Land of Lakes and Hockey, elise from 18,568 Reasons Why, maggiecakes from No More Minnesota Nice, and yours truly talked all things Wild, including:

  • Gabby with the “C”
  • Scoring from the non-scorers
  • Benoit Pouliot
  • Subbing Harding in for the shootout
  • Mark Parrish in the Jacques Lemaire doghouse
  • The big Calgary game Thursday
  • NW division predictions
  • How awesome it is to be a Wild rube

Check it out! To listen, click here. To subscribe to the RSS feed, go here. And to automatically add the subscription to iTunes, click here. And turn it up when I talk, my connection was fuzzy or somethin. Look for that to be fixed by the next episode.

Please post any comments you have, agree, disagree, and feedback on the podcast!


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