That was Just Inspiring

Wild @ Oilers – 3-24-08 – View from the Recliner
Gettin into this one waaaay late apparently. I thought the DVR was recording, but it’s not so I missed the first 7 minutes of the game. I missed alot – Wild are down 3-1. What the hizzy did I miss? Apparently their obnoxious goal siren 3 times. Apparently Backstrom = no good. Usually when this happens I get pretty disinterested.

Harding tosses the puck right to an Oiler and now it’s 4-1…time to do something else before I’m too depressed.

Hey, Sean Hill scores…and now it’s 4-2.

Oh, now it’s 5-2. What a bunk game. The D seems to be chasing again…like they did when we went on that ugly losing streak.

Terharr thought it was 5-3, but false alarm.

Now it is 5-3 with 12 minutes to go.

And we’re spent. Oil 5 Wild 3 final.

I didn’t pay close enough attention to do this game justice. I will defer to my fellow bloggers tonite. I look forward to reading how Eric Belanger looked.

Fight to hang the 1st Banner
Colorado beat Calgary tonite, so the Flames stay 1 pt back and the Avs and Canucks are now 3 pts back. Wild has 5 games left, Calgary 6, and Canucks 7.

Edmonton is now 3 pts out of the playoffs with 5 games left. Craziness ensues.

Next on the Docket – Oilers @ Wild – Wed 3-25-08
I fully expect the Wild to right the ship Wednesday. They got run by a fired up Oilers team with the home crowd behind them. Hey, here’s somethin different? How about if the crowd at the X is loud from the start? Let’s try that… Wild 4 Oil 2


2 thoughts on “That was Just Inspiring

  1. I’m going to be there being obnoxious as usual. The Wild organization is sometimes a bit too family friendly I feel.

  2. I’m with you on that. After hearing everyone rave about the Oilers fans, we need to step it up. Especially since we’re now a point behind Calgary, with 4 of 5 at home to close it out.

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