Big Game Tonite

This morning when I woke up, the sun was shining. Birds were singing. Snow was melting. It’s going to be 50 degrees today. The extended time between games and this end to the winter depression will snap the Wizzy out of their funk and I fully expect a return to positive vibes about our favorite squad. Maaartaaay Broduer doesn’t stand a chance.

FSN-HD tonite.


1 thought on “Big Game Tonite

  1. Definitely looking forward to tonight’s game as well. Hopefully the Wild come out on top and make a statement that they’re not to be written off or toyed with. At the same time, I want Minnesota to win in regulation so New Jersey doesn’t pick up any points (so the Rangers still stand a chance to win the East).It’s time to step up. I want either goalie between the pipes for the Wild to close the loopholes in their game and play a solid 60 minutes tonight. At the same time, the rest of the team better be on top of their game if they expect to solve Martin Brodeur.Not sure if I’ll be going the game in HD here in the New York City metropolitan area, but when the Wild hosted the Rangers on December 20th (Gabby’s 5-goal night), it was. So there’s a chance the folks at FSN North will provide the MSG+ (formerly FSN New York) crew the in-house HD feed for us.

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