Look Ma…a Point!

Sharks @ Wild – 03-09-08 – A View from the Couch
Did anyone catch the NBC game of the week this afternoon? Pittsburgh @ Washington. What an atmosphere it was. The crowd was absolutely into this game. Chanting…cheering…blowing the air horn…all for a team that is 6 points out of a playoff spot. Wait wait wait…I said 6 points out of a playoff spot. You would think that the Xcel Energy Center crowd could do that for a team that is battling to stay in the playoffs.

But the crowd at the X was dead all game. You can let me know if I’m missing something. Maybe KSTP didn’t have the crowd microphones on. Sure a shaky goal off Backstrom in the first minute didn’t help, but DC crowd saw the Caps give up the first goal too. They still were in it til the end.

12 games left Xcel Energy Center. 12 games left Wild fans. This team needs someone to kick it in the proverbial kiester. The team is disappointed they didn’t make a move at the trade deadline? The fans are disappointed they didn’t make a move? Move on and help this team get back to the way they were playing 3 weeks ago. STEP IT UP NOW TEAM OF 18,000!

BTW, the Wild were able to scrape a point from the bottom of the bucket today against the Sharks. Brian Rolston scored the tying goal off a couple Sharks defenders with 30 seconds left, and we get a point. Jacques says he’s confident the boys are playing well, so I’ll take the point and run.

MSHSL State Tournament
State champs are St. Thomas Academy in Class A and Hill Murray completing their unlikely title run in Class AA. Neither game was ever really in doubt. A long weekend of hockey is in the books for another year. Maybe next year Buffalo can get through section 2AA. We’re comin Roseau!

Fight to Hang the 1st Banner
Colorado lost to Dallas 3-0 (nice work Matt in TX). Also Forsberg has a groin issue. So, by default the Wild have the NW lead again by a point. Bad news is Calgary and Vancouver both have 2 games in hand. We’re 3 also 3 points away from dropping out of the playoffs all together.

Next on the Docket – Devils @ Wild – Thurs 3-13-08
Devils have a good team. They’re 1st in the east. They have alot of young kids, a few U of North Dakota ties (Zach Parise, Travis Zajac) a couple state of Minnesota ties (Paul Martin, Jamie Langenbrunner), and they have Martin Brodeur. But the Wild have to break out of it eventually. I’ve got no good reason for it to be this one, except for that I’m a homer. Wild 3 Devils 1


5 thoughts on “Look Ma…a Point!

  1. Your welcome…sorry we couldn’t have beaten them both times. And speaking of that game of the week…what a horrible ending. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good laugh out of it, but when it’s Ovetchkin v Crosby, I want overtime

  2. No doubt kirsten. I loved the audio of Crosby and Dupuis…”did he shoot that in his own net?” “Yeah!” “ha ha ha, whoo!”

  3. That clip was great. Crosby’s voice got a lot higher. I’m sure they cut off the part where the team proceeds to make fun of Backstrom about it.

  4. I could not believe that kid put the puck into his own net. When it happened live, I did a double take and then when the replay confirmed it, I was wondering what Nicklas Backstrom was thinking. What a bad brain fart that was, especially in such a pivotal game for the Caps. That could be the nail in the coffin for Washington’s playoff hopes.On to the Wild, they better get their act together and real fast! I’m beyond frustrated with the losses they’ve mounted of late. Yeah, the Sharks may be a better team, but you have to win at home against the best to be considered one that can go far in the playoffs. Minnesota hasn’t shown it.

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