60-Goal Season?

Alex Ovechkin scored his 54th goal of the season tonite. With 14 games to go, he only needs 6 to get 60. That would be a huge accomplishment in today’s age of defensive hockey.

The question for you is…can he do it? And if so, how impressed will you be?

2 thoughts on “60-Goal Season?

  1. The other day against the Bruins he had a hat trick in about the first 15 minutes of the game, meaning he scored one goal every 5 minutes, meaning he has the potential to score 4 goals every period, equaling 12 goals a game, times that by the 14 remaining games, and he could potentially end up with 222 goals. Realistically I know he’ll pass 60 unless he pulls a Crosby and gets hurt. Ill put his final tally close to 70

  2. That was a great game…wasn’t the final like 10-4 or something? I like your math. I don’t know about 70, but I’d love to see it.

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