Gabby Gets the "C"

Marian Gaborik Named March Captian
Thought I would chime in on this. I’ve read a couple bloggers today talking about how it’s a bad thing that Gabby is captain for the first time in his career. I can understand those sentiments. Gabby often talks like he is more important than the team. Often he acts depressed if he isn’t scoring. He isn’t what I think of when I think “team.”

But it seems this is part of Coach Lemaire’s mind game. Seems he is doing it to motivate Gabby. Gabby likes to be important. We need Gabby motivated to make a playoff run. Coach Lemaire knows how to motivate. So if this is it, I’m all for it. No point in berading the point that Gabby isn’t a team guy if it will help string together 3 months of wins.


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