Wild @ Blackhawks – 2-20-08 – A Elapsed View from the Home Office
I was thouroughly bored with tonight’s game. Started watching it a little late while doin some work. Wound up fast-forwarding through it. Not much sign of life from the Wild.

Oh, Hawks 3 Wild 0. So that’s no good. I’ll read the game reports later to see if I missed anything that showed the Wild had a pulse…but for now that’s my game report.

The Fight to Hang the 1st Banner
No points for the Wizzy, Calgary beats Dallas 3-2. Colorado currently tied 1-1 with Anaheim. So the lead in the Northwest drops to 3 pts over Calgary and stays at 5 pts over Vancouver. It’s time to stop the bleeding with a win over Calgary on Sunday.

Next on the Docket – Flames @ Wild – Sun 2-24-08
Long time off for the Wild to think about what’s happened the last 2 games and for coach Jacques to light them up. If Calgary beats Detroit on Friday they will be coming into town with a chance to take the lead in the Northwest. That’s bad. Since the Wild have been streaky, I’m going to say we’ll lose this one. Oh, and I’ll be in section 216. Flames 3 Wild 1


3 thoughts on “Ish

  1. Ugh, so glad the Bulin Wall picked tonight to live up to his nickname. It was one of those nights that the Wild just couldn’t muster a damn thing. Chicago is a team they should’ve beaten, but failed to get the job done.This better be a short-lived losing streak because they can ill afford to fall farther behind Dallas in the conference standings while also trying to stay atop the Northwest Division for playoff seeding.

  2. Is there room for one more in the “I hate Iginla” club? I think his goal was the only shot made by their top 3 scorers. And Tanguay gutted us at the beginning of the 3rd…we had a shot get past Joseph and as it was trickling toward the goal line, one of the Flamers stopped it, passed it out, and they scored…shorthanded. Shoot me now

  3. There’s always room in the I Hate Iginla club. The Flame has me worried…I’ll yell a couple things at him on Sunday for you.

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