God Bless Kevin Gorg & Anthony Lapanta

In case you haven’t heard this, and you probably haven’t unless you listen to PA and Dubay on KFAN, Kevin Gorg, Anthony Lapanta, and another guy from FSN flipped their van on the way home from Baudette Bay Saturday night after wrapping up Hockey Day Minnesota. They’re OK, but it sounds like they got very lucky.

According to Gorg on PA and Dubay, they hit a snow drift around 9:30 PM about an hour south of Baudette and the van flipped a few times. A car happened by a few minutes later and called for help, and everyone was just sore the next day.

I can be critical of Kevin Gorg from time to time, particularly for the Faceoff bit during Wild games, but I am very happy to hear everyone was ok. I know what it is like to lose control and be at the mercy of where your car winds up. Looking forward to seeing them tonight against the Oil.

Here’s the link to the podcast on KFAN if you want to hear the details.


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